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SGML Related Software

OpenJade       Psgml       Guile       Ilisp       Slib       Jacal       Slib-Dev

Guile and Scheme Directory

Guile Ref  Index   Guile Tutorial   R5RS  R6RS   Ilisp    Slib    JACAL
Guile Manual   r6rs   Contents r6rs-rationale   r6rs-app   r6rs-lib  
Guile FAQ Guile GC Guile 2.0   SXML

Automata and Formal Languages

DMOZ Open Directory   Boost C++ Libraries   Boost Regular Expressions  
Lex And Yacc   Formal Language Directory   RE And Automata Directory  


gnu       Emacs   gnu software   gnu software yard   GNU Online Manual
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Debian and UBUNTU

Debian Org    debian/doc   Debian Reference   Debian stable 
Debian Testing   Latest Netinst   Debian Maxima Doc   DebBugs on SrcPkgs
DebSidPkg Searching  
Ubuntu   ubuntu guide   Documentation   UPackages  
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Virtualization and Application

  1. Management of Virtual Machines

    Acpi Howto   Managing KVM    virsh
    Kvm Howto   libvirt + KVM   virt-manager + libvirt  
    Virt. via Uml   Virt. Via Kvm   kvm shutdown and kvm control
    Hypervisor Migrating   SSH Tunnelling   Kvm Manager: send_cmd()  
    socat   socat manual   Marionnet Files   Marionnet Download  
    ResizingKvmRfs   tuntap.txt   tun tap &  vtun  
    Tun/Tap   qemu-or-kvm   Performance  
    Haizea   libguestfs   Performance  
    Virtual-IO   Virtio   virtio net   and block  
    VirtIo Howto   Virtio_Russel.pdf     
  2. Clouds

    EC2   OpenStack   Ubuntu One   Eucalyptus Private Cloud   Building Private Cloud  
       Cloud Wiki   Elastic Cloud   Challenges for HPC Cloud   HPC Sharing in Cloud  
       SaaS Wiki   Cloud: SaaS   DeveloperWorks Cloud  
       IaaS Wiki   Cloud: IaaS   PaaS Wiki   Cloud: PaaS  
       OpenNebula      AutoCloudAdminMana   Cloud Usage Models  
                home cloud computing  
  3. Graduate project for Cloud Computing

    CCI: Masters Thesis HPC: Masters Thesis Cloud SaaS: Masters Thesis

Computer Cluster --- Own HPC Pages

Cluster Wikipedia Scalable Computing Scalable Computing Overview
Beowulf comput. Beowulf Clusters Book: for Beowulf Cluster
Load Balancer Linux: Grid networking  Linux Virtual Server (LVS)
The "Mini-Cluster"  LVS Cluster Manage  HighPerformance Linux Cluster
Cluster Solutions Cluster Directory HighPerformance Virtual Machines
Cluster Building  Cluster App Resources

High Performance Computing

BSD Cluster ganglia: Distributed Monitoring System
AMD Core Math Library Building AMD HPC
Message-Passing Interface Open Source Cluster Application Resources
Wikipedia on HPC High-Performance Cluster-Based Internet
Linux HPC   LinuxHPC.org/Cluster Builder
IBM: Linux HPC   Build an Intel Linux HPC Cluster  
LinuxJournal HPC

MicroKernel based (3rd Generation) OSes

  1. L4

    L4 --- Hurd   L4 System Calls    L4 New Micro Kernel   
    The L4 Microkernel   L4 on Virtualization  
  2. Mach and Hurd

    Hurd User Interface   Hurd Translators   Hurd Documentation   Hurd User Guide  
    Hurd via KVM   Hurd Via Qemu   After Hurd Install Debian Apt OffLine  
    hurd-install hurd-iso History On Hurd Altered-visions Hurd
  3. Minix 3

    Minix3 Via Kvm

Linux Kernel

Kernel Rebuild Guide Linux Kernel Internals The Linux Slab Allocator
Linux Cross Referencing   My LinuxRef Navigation   Linux References Directory  
Linux From Scratch   Beyond Linux From Scratch   Real-Time 2.6 Linux Kernel
SSH Directory Running User Mode Linux Kernel Module Programming  
Memory Management SearchOpenSource User Mode Linux Directory

Linux Kernel Documents and Tracing

LDP: The Linux Kernel    Linux Document Project LPI Exam Prep   LPI-2 Exam Prep
Art of Unix Programming Linux Kernel Documentation System Tap   Kernel Probes  
Kernel Trace Systems   Interactive Linux Kernel Map

Embedded Linux

Linux Device   Tips for planning an embedded Linux project
Embedding Linux in 386 Open Source Embedded Linux Implementations
The Linux PDA Showcase   Embedded Linux Distributions Quick Reference Guide  
Exploring Linux PDA software   Embedded Linux: Recommended further reading   
Lightweight Linux, Part 1 Building Tiny Linux Systems with Busybox--Part I
Embedded Linux Consortium   Building Tiny Linux Systems with Busybox--Part III
busybox---most popular one   Building Tiny Linux Systems with Busybox--Part II


cover page    coverpages   General Intro. to SGML    
SGML/XML Topics   Articles and Papers   

Online Magazines

softwareMagazine    Linux Journal   linuxfinances.info   


Source Forge       freshmeat       JadeTeX       Maxima

New System

The Coq Theorem Prover    A Free Reflective Computing System

Printing and sacnning

hpoj: HP OfficeJet Printing Software      libsane-hpoj -- Included in hpoj  
hpijs: Hewlett-Packard Inkjet Driver CUPS: Common Unix Printing Server
libusb: USB devices library

Xawtv and V4L + V4l2

xawtv   Video for Linux

W3 and Extreme Markup

W3   XSL and XSLT   XML Linking   XML Query   Extreme Markup Lang Proc